Why Us

Why use IVR?

IVR has been a long-term trusted partner for clients in the Free state region and beyond since 2004; working closely with our clients allows us to act in their best interest over the long term.

Our staff have a combined experience spanning over all factors of the IT Industry.


  • Established team with most 5+ years and many 10+ years experience
  • A proven client service model: locally owned and operated
  • Considerable range of combined technical knowledge and experience
  • Timely response to any issues
  • Cost efficient services
  • Fixed costs for easier budgeting
  • Unbiased consulting services


We are not binned by any one product or service in the vastness of Information technology so we are not limited to only certain products and services. In our years of experience, we have worked with a multitude of devices and services making sure we can consult on the right devices and services for the client.

We are committed to ensuring that our resources are appropriately distributed for the ultimate benefit of our clients.